Paranormal and sci-fi romance

Prodigal-f (1)

An alpha/omega werewolf romance novel. Buy it on Amazon.

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Brilliant 1
Available on Amazon, iBooks, and Nook.

Coming in 2018


Coming in 2019

Down to Earth - Gem Frost - Premade (1).jpg


Dawn of the Dragon.png

Dragon at dusk - Gem Frost.jpg


Lonesome Wolf


Cover credits:

PRODIGAL by Natasha Snow Designs

DOWN TO EARTH and DRAGON AT DUSK by Jacqueline Sweet Design

WOLF ALONE and DRAGON AT SUNSET by The Write Designer

DAWN OF THE DRAGON by Florette Covers

BETA TEST by Premade Ebook Cover by Marianne Nowicki and Premade Ebook Cover Shop.

LONESOME WOLF by Pro Book Covers Studio

HUNTING THE ALPHA by Rebecca Frank Design

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